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  Shape NZ Limited   AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
Telarc Registration #: 2568
Shape NZ Limited ISO 9001:2015  

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  Shape NZ Limited
Our Mission  .... our raison d'être - the reason we exist
To define excellence in metal innovation and customer satisfaction
Our Ethos  .... the things we believe in
It is better to be better
We are experts in metal innovation
We strive to stay abreast of industry developments
Our innovation comes from our experience
We are driven by optimal customer outcomes
Our partnerships are transparent and honest
We are strategically important to our customers
We enhance the value of our customer's business
Our people ARE our business
Our success derives from an engaged and motivated team

Our Values  .... what we aspire to be
Commercially Savvy
Partnership Focussed
Our Challenge  .... what we want to be in 5 years time
To become a $NZ20M turnover company by EOFY 2017

Our Focus  .... our daily objective
Shaping satisfied customers