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Shape NZ Limited ISO 9001:2015  

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Introducing Shape's new fibre cable cabinets  —  GPON-144 and GPON-288
Shape's revolutionary products are protected by a world-wide patent (NZ Patent No. 621087)
"GPON-xxx" are acronyms  .....  Gigabyte Passive Optical Network Cabinets -xxx connections


Shape GPON-144 Prototype (Front View)

Shape GPON-144 Prototype (Rear View)

Shape GPON-144 Cabinet Publicity

Nick Cairns (Shape's GM) and Jules Ganley (Enable's Supply Chain Manager)
with Shape's patented GPON-144 Cable Cabinets ready for deployment by Enable

Shape branded GPON-144 Cabinet

A production GPON-144 plinth under fabrication.  This is Shape's first branded product

Below are images documenting the first deployment of Shape's new GPON-144 in Christchurch (mouse over to zoom in)