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  Shape NZ Limited   AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
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Shape NZ Limited ISO 9001:2015  

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Sheetmetal Robotics Quality Assurance Powder Coating Assembly
Sheetmetal Shape NZ Limited was founded by Hans and Carolyn Schuitman and incorporated in 1990.  It has grown to now represent one of New Zealand's leading metal based technology companies, with over 60% of its output purchased offshore (principally Australia).  Employing over 70 staff, Shape is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and is located in Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand.  Core activities service the contract manufacture requirements across several large industries sectors, as well as supplying Shape NZ's own innovative products to specialized industries including .....
Communications  ·  Information Technology  ·  Ultra Fast Broadband Infrastructure  ·  Transportation (including Light Rail)
Electronics  ·  Gaming Industry  ·  Parking Technologies  ·  Commercial Lighting Systems  ·  Security Doors and Windows
Shape can laser cut  .....
Mild Steel  ·  Stainless Steel
Alloy  ·  Titanium  ·  Polycarbonate
Acrylic  ·  Non-ferrous Metals
Certain Wood Products
MDF Board
Robotics With over 20 years experience as an industry leader Shape NZ prides itself on defining excellence in metal innovation and customer satisfaction.  From design and prototyping to mass production utilising sophisticated machinery, experienced staff offer solutions tailored for all requirements, including .....
Robotic Folding and Forming  ·  Robotic Welding  ·  Robotic Stud Welding  ·  Robotic Sanding
CNC Laser Cutting  ·  CNC Press Brakes  ·  CNC Turrets  ·  CNC Precision Lathing and Milling
Powder Coating  ·  Fabrication (Heavy and Light)  ·  Power Pressing  ·  Crash Forming
If it‘s a completed and fully assembled product you require?  Shape can provide it!  Through experienced staff, Shape offers a full range of assembly services including supply chain management, final assembly, testing, packaging and delivery which not only provide our clients with a total turnkey solution, but which enables them to reduce inventory and raise quality levels, whilst lowering cost. Quality Assurance Shape NZ Limited is committed to being the very best in its field by embracing a philosophy of continual improvement of products, processes and manufacturing techniques.  We are dedicated, and committed, to supplying our customers with the highest level of product quality and service we can possibly deliver  —  and we are certified to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2008.
Shape NZ Limited prides itself on its expertise in powder coating, and utilises only the highest quality powders from recognised and accredited industry-leading suppliers, thus ensuring access to a wide range of standard colours and finishes as well as specialised and custom (e.g. anti graffiti and textured powders).  The company runs a sophisticated powder coating plant incorporating a unique multiple booth and oven system, combined with state of the art control equipment.   These facilities and highly experienced staff, ensure consistency of application and hence the ultimate quality of products. Powder Coating Shape NZ Limited supports  .....
Manufacture  ·  Prototyping
Assembly  ·  Testing
Quality Assurance  ·  Freight
Certification  ·  Serialisation
Traceability  ·  Logistics
From an initial customer concept to a proven design, and ultimately to a completed product.  Shape can offer full design and build services, and world-class manufacturing resources.  Our engineers bring years of manufacturing experience to bear on even the most complex problems, and they have the experience and ability to anticipate and resolve manufacturing challenges even before the manufacturing process has begun.  We endeavopur to ensure the development of products that can not only be manufactured easily and cost effectively, but once manufactured, can be efficiently tested, certified and shipped as a completed product using a reliable international supply chain. Assembly